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Documenting my journey in uncovering my ancestors

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  • My 3rd Great Grandfather
    I am still searching for sources for my sets of 3rd great grandparents (Birth, Death, Immigration, etc.) I did find the last will and testament of Michael Costello, 3rd Great Grandfather. With that, I got his son’s (my 3rd great-uncle) middle initial which I did not have before. J.  Once I added that, I was […]
  • Elijah
    Sometimes when you are looking at records, you find items that make you rather sad. In my records research on my 3rd great-uncle, Elijah Costello, I’ve stumbled on some documents about him. He was born about 1857 in New Jersey and lived with his parents in Harrison, Gloucester county on the family farm. Around the […]
  • John G
    Working through the Family Group Sheet for John G. Costello, I’m feeling a bit more confident with my findings.  I’m not completely there yet, but I feel I have accurate children for he and Margaret.  My stumbling blocks are the parents of John G and Margaret. Today, I’m going to work on John G and […]
  • Regrouping
    The past two days have been spent jumping around the tree.  I’ve made new research checklists, and source checklists, browsing through news clippings and the hints.  I feel like I’m floundering a bit. I think I accepted too many leaves to start out with and now I’m questioning one of my 3rd great grandmother’s maiden […]
  • Lubin and Fitzpatrick
    Yesterday, I worked on adding articles that I found on my great-aunt Marie’s Ancestry page.  As i was reading the information, I found out more about her husband, Charles Fitzpatrick.  I did a quick search to get him on the tree and found his parents names and added them.  He has about 7 siblings.  So […]